Getaway to the town of Buenos Aires "hidden": it has only 200 inhabitants, seems frozen in time and is ideal for cycling

Berdier is a wonderful hidden town in the Gasoline Getaways-the-best-towns-in-Buenos-Aires-for-relaxing-with-an-autumn-landscape-20220514-0045.html” target=”_blank”>Province of Buenos Aires that very few know, but that is really worth visiting. Although its appearance seems old and abandoned, it contains a lot of history and the desire of the neighbors to maintain its calm and natural essence. East site is an idea to get to know in a group and by the hand of a bicycle.

It is located 95 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires and 15 from the Buenos Aires town of Escapadas-imperdibles-Five-places-a-few-kilometres-from-CABA-to-enjoy-at-the-weekend-20220505-0161. html” target=”_blank”>Jump. Arriving from Capital is very easy and fast. You must first take the 25 de Mayo Highway until the intersection of the Perito Moreno Highway, which then becomes National Route 7. At the height of Luj├ín, you must drive along Provincial Route 31 until the intersection of 91. From there you arrive at the entrance of the place.

This town
It was founded on February 15, 1910 on land donated by Hortencia and Corina Berdier. Although, its history goes back two years before with the construction of the station by the General Railway Company in the Province of Buenos Aires. The train that was going to Rosario had that stay as an obligatory stop.
Its name is due to Agueda Pacheco de Berdierformer owner of the land in the area.


In his heyday
came to have a population of 2000 neighbors more or less, but like other locations in the interior,
the rise of the railway in the 90s forced its inhabitants to migrate to the big cities. Little by little, that picturesque place was forgotten, although never abandoned.

The station dates from 1908 and remains the same.

Currently, it has some
200 inhabitants and with many projects to revitalize tourism in the place. Undoubtedly, it is a great place to visit because it is
a trip to the past, to the old Argentina. most of
its streets are dirt and its houses are made of exposed brick. The presence of several castle-type mansions also stands out.


Another thing that draws the attention of the place are
its layout around the main square and its diagonals. In this area there is a
Games area for the little ones and some places dedicated to general items.

There are many abandoned properties that were left standing in time.

As for gastronomy, its great attraction is in the beerdier brewerywhich has the form of neither more nor less than old subway car. The family of the Valarinos They are in charge of producing the alcoholic beverage by hand and have become a classic in the area. There you can eat pizza, hamburgers and other foods.

People say that the best way to explore the town is by bicycle, since it is the means that allows reaching the most remote places. It should be noted that it is a very quiet and safe place.

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