Germán Vargas Lleras voted on a treadmill in Cundinamarca – Electoral News – Elections 2022

It’s time to go out and fulfill the duty to vote. At least make it clear that we value and are not willing to lose our democracy,” the former vice president said on his Twitter account.

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Before the closing of the campaign of the presidential candidates, the former Minister of the Interior had expressed that he was focused on his recovery after a bicycle accident that he suffered and that caused him some fractures.

Although on the side of the campaign of the engineer Rodolfo Hernández, the possibility was circulating that Lleras would serve as Minister of Defense, if the former mayor of Bucaramanga is elected as president this Sunday, June 19.

But the natural head of Cambio Radical has stressed that, for the moment, his priority is to be able to regain full mobility, since as it was known, the process could take longer than expected so that he can walk normally again.

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