George RR Martin shares history of families in latest House of the Dragon feature

game of thrones featured multiple houses, or families, that included massive amounts of characters for audiences to track and follow. At times, the ensemble cast can be a bit confusing, especially when it comes to the story which is only discussed throughout the show. Dragon House will boast a similarly sized cast, even though the series is mostly contained within three main houses.

The official game of thrones The YouTube channel posted a video titled Before the Dance: An Illustrated History with George RR Martin to help alleviate some of the issues with the vast history of Westeros and the lands beyond. The three families that will be the focus of the series include the Targaryens, who we saw a lot with Daenerys in game of thrones, the Valaryon and the Hightowers. Martin starts with the Hightowers, saying they are the oldest family in Westeros.

“In terms of history in Westeros, the Hightowers are the oldest. They have been there for thousands of years. Their seat of power is the Old City, which for hundreds of thousands of years was the largest city in Westeros. They’re a very wealthy house. The old town is rich mainly in trade, and at the center of it is the high tower from which the Hightowers take their name. Lord Hightower is in the Old Town, ruling over his estates in the city, but his younger brother, Otto Hightower is the Hand of the King at the start of the story. »

Rhys Ifans plays Otto Hightower in Dragon House, and it will be interesting to see his role as the Hand of the King. The position has seen plenty of screen time throughout game of throneswhether Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was the hand or Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).

House Velaryon will be a major player, according to George RR Martin

The Velaryon will play an important role in Dragon House, with Steve Toussaint leading the family as Lord Corlys Velaryon, aka The Sea Snake. Martin says that the Velaryons and the Targaryens have a close relationship and will be highlighted in the upcoming series.

“The Velaryon were also a freehold house of Valyria, the most powerful empire at least to the west, in my world, and they actually came to Westeros before the Targaryens. They weren’t dragon lords, however, they were sailors. At the time, freehold Valyria depended on a lot of trade and it was a good position to dominate the trade of all the kingdoms of Westeros and other places even farther north. They therefore moved for reasons of trade and wealth.

Very few projects can compete with the detailed history created by George RR Martin. Through multiple novels and outlets, the author has constructed a world with as many complexities as our current reality. Keeping track of alliances and players involved in Westeros is difficult, and luckily the before the dance featurette was created to guide the audience through the intricacies of Martin’s world. The full featurette can be found below.

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