Generation Zoe: The roles behind the possible scam and its operation in Salta

The Criminal Prosecutor of the Complex Economic Crimes Unit (UDEC), Ana Inés Odorisio, provisionally charged Nelson Leonardo Cositorto, Ricardo Gabriel Isaac Vilardel, Ana Lucía de los Ángeles Vilardel and Vilma Griselda Albornoz with being co-authors of the crimes of Repeated scams in 60 events and illicit associationin actual contest.

The total sum of the damage caused, according to the complaints made, amounts to 3,901,700 pesos and 228,557.29 dollars. During the hearing, Cositorto was assisted by a private attorney. After knowing each one of the complaints against him and listening to the indictment decree, he agreed to testify although he did not answer questions. After two hours he claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign.

The roles in the cause:

  • Leonardo Cositorto: Executive Director of “Generation ZOE”, signed contracts with investors, was in charge of collecting the money contributed through transfers to their different bank accounts.
  • Ricardo Gabriel Vilardel: Director and representative of Zoe in Salta. He attended to the investors, received the money personally and signed the receipts.
  • Ana Vilardel: Secretary of the local branch of Zoe; She cared for the victims and it was determined that she received part of the capital they invested in her bank account.
  • Jorge Federico Vilardel: In charge of customer service. He received the money in cash as well as by transfers to his bank account.
  • Griselda Albornoz: Together with the Vilardel brothers, she held different meetings and/or conferences to capture the victims.

The court determined that the company’s modus operandi consisted of signing trust contracts, called educational or intelligent membership, whose amount varied between 500 and 1,000 dollars. In exchange for the investment, the finance company promised them a return of between 7.5% and 10% per month and 120% per year. The memberships were distinguished between Classic, Premium, and Intelligent, varying according to the contributed capital and a differential rate of return between them.

In Zoe’s profile, the day after signing the contract, the user could see a 20% increase in their capital as an educational bonus. The initialed contract had a duration of three years, at which time the investor could only withdraw his capital. In case of withdrawing the money in advance, a fine of 50% of the invested capital was charged, not admitting withdrawals before 12 months.

Most investments were made in cashmoney that was delivered by hand to the accused and only in some cases bank transfers were made, operations that were transferred to the account of Jorge Federico Vilardel, who also received the transfers made by Cositorto, intended for the payment of employees and investors, this being the one in charge of carrying out such operations.

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