Gastón Soublette on Amarillos por Chile: “When I was young, a crooked or treacherous person was called that”

This Friday, the Chilean musicologist, philosopher and esthete Gaston Soublette He reported that will vote I approve in the next exit plebiscite and ruled out link with the Amarillos por Chile movement.

In an interview for The Voice of the Leftoversexplained that “many friends of mine told me that on social networks they were identifying me with the ‘Yellows’. So they told me ‘they are discrediting youaccording to your convictions. So, there are friends of mine who sent some texts denying that.”

The also academic, said do not know the origin of this relationship with the political movement led by Cristián Warnken, but he supposes that it was born from the publication of a letter with four other intellectuals where he expressed his desire that the new constitutional proposal “be as inclusive as possible”.

“I don’t agree with them”

Along these lines, Gastón Soublette reflected on the very name of Amarillos por Chile: “why has that faction of public opinion wanted to designate itself with such an unattractive namebecause in other times, at least when I was young, yellow was said to a person who was crooked or a traitor”.

Likewise, the musician added that “now, due to the political sense that is being given to that word and due to the traditional meaning that it has had, I do not consider myself yellow in any point of view. It is a word that has a pejorative meaning and it is a mistake to have used it. I do not agree with them”.

In this way, Gastón Soublette emphasized in his position for the Plebiscite of September 4: “I am for the Approval and to later perfect what has been approved. I vote I approve to perfect what we have approved”.

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