Gas deliveries – gas supply situation in Germany “tense”

For the first time since the end of March, the Federal Network Agency has described the situation as “tense” in its daily report on gas supply in Germany. “The gas supply in Germany is stable at the moment,” wrote the authority in its report published on Friday afternoon. Security of supply in Germany is currently guaranteed.

The reason for the revaluation is the reduction in the gas delivery volume through the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 in the past few days. The Russian energy company Gazprom had throttled the gas flows to 40 percent of the maximum output and justified this with delays in the repair of compressor turbines. “Since the middle of the week, this reduction has also affected the transfer of gas to other European countries such as France, Austria and the Czech Republic,” the authority reported. The companies affected by the missing deliveries could currently procure the gas quantities elsewhere on the market.

In any case, the delivery of Russian natural gas to France via a pipeline from Germany has come to a standstill. The gas supply will not be affected by this, and the filling up of the storage facilities for the winter will continue, the gas network operator GRTgaz announced on Friday. In view of the already declining gas consumption, imports via the pipeline have already been 60 percent below the previous year’s level since the beginning of the year.

The pipeline was used to ten percent. Since Wednesday, no gas has reached France through them. Gas is increasingly being imported via a pipeline from Spain.

Even if Russia turned off the gas supply completely, there would be no problems in France in a normal winter. In the event of a harsh winter, there could be calls for more economical use and limited supplies to some industrial customers.

Natural gas from Russia plays a minor role for France. Less than a quarter of its gas needs are covered by gas imports from Russia. The country is therefore significantly less dependent on Russian gas than other European countries and has four LNG terminals. In addition, 70 percent of French electricity generation comes from nuclear power, and many French people heat with electricity.

In addition to pipelines, Russian natural gas is also imported by ship. LPG imports in France have increased by 66 percent since the beginning of the year. The capacities of an LNG terminal near Marseille are currently being expanded. Additional capacities are also to be created in the north near Dunkirk and Le Havre.

Russia cut gas supplies to Italy by 50 percent on Friday

The Russian energy company Gazprom is restricting the supply of natural gas to Italy. According to the state gas supplier Eni, Gazprom promised 50 percent of the ordered delivery volume on Friday. Italy actually ordered 63 million cubic meters of gas from Russia that day. Gas deliveries had already been reduced in the previous few days: on Wednesday by 15 percent and on Thursday by 35 percent of the quantities ordered. (apa/dpa/afp)

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