García Gurrea case: “I hope that one day someone will show up and tell me what happened to my son”

Almost a year after the disappearance of Gabriel García Gurrea, the questions are more than the certainties, and every day the need for answers is greater for those around him.

Despite the time that has passed, his family does not lower their arms and continues to fight to get to the truth.

Juan, his father, quietly and peacefully, arrives each week in the downtown area and displays a poster with his son’s photo and the request that he not be forgotten.

“I do it so that this does not remain in nothing. Time passes and people forget. New cases occur and people don’t remember it,” he says.

Every Thursday and Friday, in front of the prosecutor’s office and the municipality, he makes the case visible and claims to be able to know what happened on May 19 of last year, after Gabriel left the apartment he occupied with his partner, on the first block of the General Paz street.

“I hope that someone will appear and can clarify some of all this for me. There has to be someone who knows what could have happened. I hope one day someone will come forward and tell me what happened to my son.”

Juan emphasizes that the person who can contribute elements of importance to the investigation will be “preserved and cared for”.

And he admits that his claim will continue over time.

“I don’t know until when, I guess until all this can be resolved. I’m not going to stop. Somehow this has to be resolved. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will continue to do so.”


The man maintains that he did not agree with the initial stages of the investigation into the disappearance of his son.

As reported, in the first instance the prosecutor Rodolfo De Lucia intervened in the case, although at the end of last year, and after a request from the family, the case was transferred to the UFIJ No. 5, of Jorge Viego, of intentional homicides.

“In my opinion, there were many failures at the beginning, although according to the Justice, everything was well done. I asked for explanations and explained my feelings about what could have happened, but they told me that a series of necessary steps had to be carried out”.

Those close to Gabriel have always been suspicious of his inner circle (his ex-partner Pamela Antúnez and his neighbor and alleged lover, Marcelo Campetella), although so far not enough evidence has emerged to make a formal accusation.

Regarding the path traveled, Gabriel’s father considers that it was “everything very confusing and it seemed like a play in which things were done to try to divert the investigation. It was and still is my impression.”

But at the same time, he does not lose hope about the work that the new prosecutor in the case can carry out.

“I agree with taking care of what comes up in the investigation, so as not to alert anyone and hinder it.”

Finally, he describes that his son’s family and friends are an important support to continue and not give up.

like in the beginning

“We are the same as at the beginning, and badly because this is not advancing at all. We are still waiting to see what happens with Justice. There is nothing or any data that can lead to clarifying it.”

This is how Cristina, Gabriel’s mother, sums up the news of the case that moved the Bahian community.

The woman admits that “we are still waiting, nothing has arrived yet… we have no choice but to wait.”

It also refers that the delays in carrying out expert reports cause “anger and impotence.”

In this sense, he comments that “we are awaiting the skills of the telephones with interest, to see who is involved. Something has to come out of it.”

Some cell phones, as well as samples collected in vehicles, were obtained during a series of raids carried out by police personnel as part of the legal case.

Also, after the disappearance, rake-ins were carried out in different sectors of the city and the region, although there is no indication of where the body is.

More than one inspection was carried out in a field in the Chasicó area.

“How can it be that he has disappeared and is not found, that there is no accurate data”, asks the mother.

On the other hand, it also highlights the importance of the presentation of someone who can provide some information.

“No matter how small it is, it can be useful,” he says.

In the same way, he refers that “there are many people who know and are covering everything. I intend to follow this until the last consequences”.


Roberto, Gabriel’s uncle and Cristina’s brother, is another of the relatives who from the beginning took charge of the search for his nephew and the claim for clarification.

“We are still a little hopeful that this will be resolved. One loses them, but not completely”.

Regarding the course of the investigation, he points out that the current prosecutor’s office is handled in a “hermetic” manner and that in that sense “you have to be respectful and let them work.”

He also admits that “we are waiting for the result of the phones. Not only us, because at some point from the Police they asked my sister and we have nothing.

Roberto considers that, for various reasons, valuable time was wasted in carrying out the important expert reports.

Lastly, like Cristina, she highlights the need for the case to continue to be made visible.

“It’s always good to talk about it, because new topics appear every day and they get lost.”

On Monday they will “open” the phones

Outside of Bahia. Next Monday, from 9 o’clock, a specialist from the Judicial Investigation Corps of the Capital will launch the expert opinion of the cell phones seized during the raids for the disappearance of Gabriel García Gurrea, after frustrated attempts in other dependencies.

Homework. It transpired that the specialists are going to carry out a rooting attempt (operation to access the mobile operating system) on the devices and the physical extraction of data.

Other reports. On the other hand, it was learned that DNA tests will only be carried out in October on samples collected from the inspected vehicles.

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