García Belsunce case: the preliminary hearing was held but there is no trial date

Finally, the pre-trial hearing By ehe crime of María Marta García Belsunce, committed on October 27, 2002 at his home in country carmel de pillar, but there is still no date for oral debate, as reported by judicial sources to

The trial was going to start on June 1 but there was different delays that make it so that now it is not known when it is going to bestart the third and last possible trial in the case.

In yesterday’s hearing, in which the judges, prosecutors and lawyers of the parties were present, there were discussions around the test. But the Court also waits to set a new date that will beand resolve the claims of annulments and a challenge presented by the defense of the accused.

According to judicial sources, there would not be another hearing, but the parties would be notified of the trial date, but it is not known when this will be.

Distinct appeals must first be resolved in higher instances. There is a proposal for the test in Cassation and another for recusal. But also one of nullity what is on the Camera.

Nothing depends on us now.” said a source with access to the file.

This is the last trial that will be made in this case, because the crime prescribed except for the three people who will be judged.

Last week the preliminary hearing was postponed because one of the judges was in agreement. medical license. The Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 4 of San Isidro notified the parties that it was suspended until yesterday, when it was finally carried out-

The Court, made up of the judges Osvaldo Rossi, Federico Ecke and Esteban Andrejinthey will be the neighbor of the country Carmel Nicholas Pachelo and to former watchmen It was going to start on June 1, but as one of the judges he contracted Covid-19.

The prosecutors proposed to the defense of the main accused, Pachelo, a prisoner in Unit 9 of La Plata, that he be subjected to a trial by jury, but the lawyer Roberto Ribas rejected it by stating that they were going to “lynch” him.

The accusation against Pachelo and the then vigilantes Norberto Glennon (57) and Jose Ortiz (45) is by “aggravated robbery by the use of a weapon in a real competition with aggravated criminal homicide” andTo the detriment of María Marta, crimes that foresee life imprisonment.

In this trial the widower Carlos Carrascosa it is affected individualwith the assistance of lawyer Gustavo Hechem. After he was indicted, tried, sentenced first for cover-up and then to life as the perpetrator of the murder. Being a prisoner between 2009 and 2015 in a prison and one more year in house arrest, recovering his freedom. He was definitively acquitted by the Supreme Court in 2020. He will also be one of the 145 witnesses.

The only one whoLegacy prisoner is Pachelo, but not because of this case where in 2017 he was charged and questioned in freedom, like the guards, but because since 2018 he has been in preventive detention in the framework of another case in which he was arrested for a series of eight robberies and thefts in countriesand for which he will be subjected to a second trial for the same TOC 4 once that of García Belsunce has ended.

According to the prosecution’s hypothesis, robbery was the motive for the crime and it is proven by the lack of a metal chest from the “Amigos del Pilar” charity association where the victim was treasurer and which she kept in her house in Carmel with money, three checkbooks and the key to a safe deposit box.

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