Gaby Moreno provided a night of allegory, boleros, love, nostalgia and hope (Omara Portuondo, Leonel García and the new songs)

Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno performed on Friday May 13 at The Westin Camino Real Hotel and for two hours he delighted the audience with songs from his recent record production, his hits and his favorite tickets.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno wasted talent and performed several of his hits. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

With the concept “Allegory and Boleros”, the national artist wasted talent on a stage that shared with Omara Portuondo, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club – The girlfriend of feeling Y Leonel Garcia (from the duet Sin Bandera).

In May 2021 Gaby Moreno and Omara Portuondo launched Bolero to Lifea theme full of simplicity and brilliance in which the artists merged their talent and which will be included in an album in which the Guatemalan was also a producer.

Omara Portuondo, one of the most representative Cuban singers of son and boleros, known as “La diva del Buena Vista Social Club”, the artist merged her talent with Gaby Moreno and presented a collaboration that they define as a song full of simplicity and brilliance, which was heard on Friday the 13th in Guatemala City.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno shared the stage with Omara Portuondo and they performed various songs, including “Bolero a la vida”. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

During the evening, Gaby highlighted the participation of Omara Portuondo, whom she thanked for her visit to the country and for sharing her music in Guatemalan lands.

Leonel García was another of Gaby Moreno’s guests, an artist who became known for his time in the Sin Bandera duet and with whom he recorded Vertigoa theme they performed during the moments they shared the stage.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno shared the stage with Leonel García and showed their talent by interpreting “Vertigo”. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

“What a joy to be back in my country. Tonight is special and I will share many of the new songs that are on my recent album,” said Moreno, an artist who performed songs from Alegoría during the evening, his recent album in which he included 11 songs in English and Spanish and in which he explores themes such as love, nostalgia, desolation and hope.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno gave a two-hour concert and performed her hits and new songs. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

Nobody’s Wrong, Lost on a Cloud Y yes deep downwere some of the songs from the new album that Moreno performed during the evening.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno delighted her fans with a concert in which she once again demonstrated her talent. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

In the repertoire, the national artist included themes such as Blues of the sea, Fronteras, Sombrerón and La malagueñaamong others.

Gaby Moreno in concert
Gaby Moreno presented live several of the songs that she included in “Alegoría”, her recent studio album. (Free Press Photo: Keneth Cruz)

“Thank you Guatemala for this special night”, said Moreno and closed the show with Moon of Xelaju.

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