Gabriel Mendoza affirms that Colo Colo was wrong with Solari and that in South America “I don’t see where we can eliminate Inter”

Gabriel “Coca” Mendoza, history of Colo Colo and part of the squad that won the 1991 Copa Libertadores, was blunt with the white team and recognized that the leadership He made a mistake by not selling Pablo Solari to América de México.

“It wasn’t a bad offer and Colo Colo should have taken advantage of it. It was also at the right time, because money was coming in for another reinforcement. I put myself in the case of the player and I think it will cost him a lot to resume, because his future and that of his family were at stake, ”said the former soccer player in El Mercurio.

The former lateral affirmed that the “Cacique” did not lose with the departure of the “Pibe”. “The institution was not affected and it received a good bill, but they say they gave priority to the competition. And what competition, if in the National Tournament goals can be achieved with what there is “he pointed.

Along the same lines, Mendoza pointed out that with or without Solari, the whites have no chance of advancing in the Copa Sudamericana. “Realistically, in the South American I don’t see where we can eliminate Inter de Porto Alegre”, he added.

In addition, “Coca” compared what has been the market of Universidad Católica and Colo Colo. “UC was well reinforced, brought in a crack like Mauricio Isla. But there is also Matías Dituro, perhaps César Pinares will arrive. It is the fear that one has as a fan of Colo Colo. I see the UC intertwined, in a line, and Colo Colo instead involved in controversies “he added.

“We hope that the savings account will work, although I remember what happened last year when our bread burned on the oven door,” Gabriel Mendoza concluded.

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