From Spain to Romania: more than 175,000 Belgians have a second home abroad

These figures are available because Belgians who own property abroad have recently had to indicate the cadastral income of these properties in their tax declaration.

The vast majority of multi-owners, namely 15,202 Belgians, own two properties abroad. And 3,195 have three. There are still 121 owners of 10 to 20 properties and 31 who own between 21 and 50. Finally, six Belgians are the happy owners of more than 50 properties abroad.

France is the most popular country for these investments. There are 73,651 properties in Belgian hands (slightly less than 29% of the total). Proximity, climate, nature and language explain this hexagonal preference.

Number two on the list of preferred countries is Spain, with 66,121 properties in Belgian hands and a 26% share of the total. It has almost twice as many Belgian owners as number 3, Italy with its 35,445 properties (13.9%) owned by Belgians. The other countries then show only very small shares of the total: Portugal (3.62%), Greece (3.47%), Poland (2.08%), Germany (1.97%), Switzerland (1 .51%) and Romania (1.03%).

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