From Mendoza they demand that the death of the Leprosy fan in San Luis be clarified

A little over a week ago, in the Juan Gilberto Funes of San Luis, Independent Rivadavia and Velez they played a duel for the 32nd of Argentine Cup. In the run-up to the meeting, after disturbances between Mendoza fans and the San Luis Police, one person died. From the neighboring province they indicated that it was due to natural causes, while the family insists that he had rubber bullets in his chest.

In the Legislature, the PRO Mendoza presented a statement in which he demands that the fact in which Paul Morco He passed away on June 8 in San Luis lands. They also pointed out to the troops of the Saint Louis Police as suspects in the act.

“At the time of entering the Juan Gilberto Funes stadium, Paul Morco He would have been approached by police personnel who were guarding the stadium, who would have chased him, knocked him down and held him down by force. Under these circumstances, Mr. Morcos died. The police reported that the aforementioned death of Mr. Morcos would have occurred as a result of a heart attack”, reads the document signed by the deputy Gustavo Cairo of PRO local.

The PRO deputy, Gustavo Cairo.

“His brother Mariano Morcos, After seeing the body in the morgue and collecting testimonies and audios that allude to the fact, he maintains that Pablo was the victim of a homicide, caused by police action and he has declared this before the intervening prosecutor’s office,” the statement adds.

“He himself requests that a second autopsy be carried out to clarify the fact, since from his observation of the corpse and from testimonies it appears that there would be signs of violence on the body of the deceased that deserve to be studied to clarify the mechanics of the death” , said the Mendoza legislator.

Finally, the document clarifies: “Some of the elements to study would be the presence of grass in the respiratory tract of the deceased, blows to the eyes and body, a rubber bullet mark on the chest and the lack of a piece of skin on the scrotum.


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