From Cúcuta, Fico said that he will reopen the border with Venezuela – Presidency – 2022 Elections

“In Cúcuta we begin the final stretch of the campaign to build a country that is different, a country with more opportunities in which we lift people out of poverty and guarantee security and tranquility,” said the candidate.

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“What used to be the most dynamic border in social and economic terms in the region now only has broken dreams and destroyed families. That is why, understanding the need of Cúcuta and Norte de Santander, it is very important to explore and be able to advance in the opening of the border in commercial terms”, he pointed out.

The candidate Federico Gutiérrez in the Plaza de Banderas, in Cúcuta.


Federico Gutierrez Campaign

Explaining his proposal, he indicated that when the border crossing reopens, it will be necessary for it to have strict control in terms of migration, but allow the exchange of goods and services for Cúcuta and Norte de Santander.

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He explained that it is necessary to finish important infrastructure projects such as the Ocaña-Cúcuta road, finish the Cúcuta-Tibú road, and finish the Tibú-El Tarra and El Tarra-Convencion sections.

“These works are very important, because these three paths are essential for the prosperity of the region, what people need is employment, opportunities to get out of poverty and live in peace.”

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