Francia Márquez announces that the creation of the Ministry of Equality will be filed next week

This Saturday, August 13, Francia Márquez returned to take office as Vice President of the Nation. This time, Márquez was part of a symbolic, spiritual and ancestral ceremony at the Las Mercedes Coliseum in Suárez, Cauca, his homeland.

In the middle of the ceremony, the vice president announced that this week the creation of the Ministry of Equality will be filed in Congresswhich was one of the main campaign promises of the current government and which, moreover, will be led by herself.

The vice president does not have an institutional mandate”, but his function is to “replace the president in any circumstance that he cannot be present”, explained Márquez. “I do not expect to replace the president”, he continued, thus indicating that “it is the president who must define within the government what my functions will be”.

In this sense, the official assured that the main functions of the Ministry of Equalitywill be achieve equal pay between man and woman, validate work time at home for pension and half minimum wage for single mothers.

“I am going to work for the equality of women in Colombia”insisted the vice president.

Continuing with the ceremony, in which indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant communities participated, Márquez received “the blessing of Mother Earth” to wisely lead the next four years, and welcomed “the Government of change, human dignity and social justice”.

Today I am the first Afro-descendant woman vice president of Colombia and the second Afro-descendant woman vice president in Latin America (…), a daughter of this people,” Márquez celebrated, committing to work for access to water and malnutrition in the Pacific.

Photo: Twitter @ViceColombia

Finally, Márquez highlighted the great challenges that the Government of Gustavo Petro will have in the next four years, highlighting issues such as peace, education, health, tourism and the Colombian countryside.

“The first government of the people is not going to have it easy, but we hope to count on all of you to move Colombia forwardto move Cauca forward, to move the Colombian Pacific forward,” concluded the vice president, Francia Márquez, after receiving the blessing of her people.

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