“France is a country that I love madly! “says Laura Pausini, presenter of the competition

From our special correspondent in Turin (Italy),

How many French couples have formed during a slow on his tube Loneliness ? Laura Pausini is a familiar voice to French audiences – and arguably the most well-known current Italian singer from Rennes to Nice. This Saturday, at the opening of the Eurovision final, she will also sing a medley of his hits in several languages, including Io canto in French. Then, she will join Mika and Alessandro Cattelan at the presentation of this event which will be broadcast live on France 2, from 9 p.m., from the Pala Alpitour in Turin. In her busy schedule, because she has been doing rehearsals since Monday, the artist took the time to answer, in writing, questions from 20 minutes.

What led you to agree to present this Eurovision 2022?

I accepted with enormous enthusiasm and I would say yes a thousand more times. After almost thirty years of career, I am looking for new challenges and stimulating things. Hosting such an important event is a great pleasure. And then, to represent, once again, Italy in an international competition is a very great honor.

How did you experience the rehearsals and, above all, the live performance? Was it stressful?

The machinery of Eurovision is extremely complex and, behind the scenes, there are very tight rhythms. We, animators, must first of all always be patient and available. We roll up our sleeves and we pedal! In addition, there is the question of language: everything must be presented in English. Let’s say that in general all the difficulties motivated me to give the best and I hope that the results were seen.

This edition takes place in a particular international context, with in particular the war in Ukraine… Does this have an impact on the competition? On your way of presenting? On the desire to party or not?

Eurovision is the most watched non-sporting event in the world and it inspires millions of people. I think that more than ever, this year, it is necessary to give people dreams. The slogan “The sound of beauty” was not chosen at random, it is synonymous with “beauty and peace”.

Do you have a message for the French public?

France is a country I love madly. I don’t think there are enough words to describe all the warmth and affection I received and receive from my French fans every time I come back to France. That’s why I chose to present my Christmas album at Disneyland Paris. French friends, see you tonight with the Eurovision final. (In French) Have fun !

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