Four deceased by Covid 19 in the last 24 hours in Corrientes

This updates the number of active cases to 336 and those accumulated to 195,617 throughout the province as of August 6, 2022, with 1,969,755 tests carried out since the pandemic began and 193,398 recovered.

While there are 2,074 accumulated deaths and 111 current internees in the Field Hospital, with a positive result for Covid-19, with 5% of the respirators being occupied and where also during the last day, 19 patients were discharged and 4 they passed away

The new cases are: 31 Capital -4 Curuzú Cuatiá – 4 Caá Catí – 3 San Luis del Palmar – 3 La Cruz – 3 San Roque – 3 Ingenio Correntino – 3 Paso de la Patria – 3 Yapeyú – 2 Santo Tomé – 2 Paso de los Libres – 2 Concepción – 1 Yataity Calle – 1 Monte Caseros – 1 San Cosme – 1 Bella Vista – 1 Empedrado – 1 Ituzaingó.

field hospital

The Ministry of Public Health reported the medical part of the “Escuela Hogar” Field Hospital reporting the recovery of 19 patients who were discharged, while 4 people with a positive result for Covid-19 died.

The report issued by the institution details that to date (August 6), 111 patients are hospitalized.

There are 85 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in the General Clinic Room. All are clinically stable.

In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) there are 26 patients diagnosed with Covid-19, 15 with assisted mechanical ventilation. All with reserved prognosis.

Nineteen recovered patients were discharged.

As for the deceased with a positive result for Covid-19 to date, they are 3 men: 77, 84 and 89, all from Capital and 1 94-year-old woman also from Capital.

In outpatient clinics, 61 visits were made, accumulating 44,089.

5% of ventilators are occupied.

Pediatric hospital

The Ministry of Public Health of the Province reported that 7 patients with a positive result for Covid-19 are hospitalized at the Juan Pablo II Pediatric Hospital. All clinically stable.

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