Former Mexican beauty queen to preventive detention for theft of wine bottles in Spain

MADRID, Spain.- The Mexican Priscilla Lara Guevara29 years old and winner of the Miss Earth contest for the State of Mexico, in 2016and his accomplice Constantin Gabriel Dumitruof 47, were sent to pretrial detention without bailin Spain, for the theft of 45 bottles of wine of the hotel-restaurant Atrio, valued at €1.7 million.

Vanguardia reported that this was determined the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of Cáceres (Badajoz, Spain), which instructs the spectacular robbery of the bottlessome of collection.

He mentioned that “They are accused of a crime of robbery with force, for which they could be sentenced to a maximum of 6 years in prison”.

Their lawyer Sylvia Córdoba Moreno has not been able to speak with them or see them, “I can’t call them, they have to be the ones to make the first call, but as soon as I can I’ll go visit them”reported

The General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions has insisted that the same procedure has been followed with them as with any other person, and they have entered the normal modules after being assessed by the disciplinary team that sees all the inmates, indicated the medium.

Former Mexican beauty queen to preventive detention for “high flight risk”

Judge María del Ara Sánchez justified the decision to send them to prison, first of all, in the “high flight risk”an extreme that the defense lawyer herself denied, because, as she assured, her clients have never had the intention of fleeing and argued that in those six months they have visited at least four European countries “they weren’t eloping”but “they were on vacation”, mentioned El Periódico Extremadura.

According to the latter medium: “Both are accused of robbery with force in an establishment open to the public, punishable in the Penal Code with up to six years in prison. However, in this case the court considers the possible concurrence of two aggravating circumstances, the first due to the high economic value of the bottles, valued at 1.6 million euros, and secondly, due to cultural and artistic value due to its exclusivity”.

On the other hand, “the defense of the accused reiterates their innocence and advances that they will appeal the order and request their transfer to Madrid, where both have their place of residence fixed. However, the lawyer specified that they will not request this procedure until it is incorporated the titular judge of the vacations”.

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