Former Manager of Epa Colombia attacked her, “That you are a bipolar person is not my fault”

Epa Colombia is again involved in a controversy and it is that the public influencer through social networks that had been deceived by a company, but apparently it was the opposite. The influencer wrote in an Instagram story that Alejandro Urrea, who was known to be her previous manager, had stolen it.

“I was watching TikTok and Luisa Chima’s story time came out that an agency stole it, well that same person, friend, stole a lot more time from me“He added that, “Not to mention Syam Cosmetic that stole more than 300 million.”

The influencer also assured that He was not his official manager, but he played to be it“I played what was my manager and Mav’s manager because at the time he got things for us, but obviously to steal from large companies in Colombia.”

For his part, Alejandro Urrea, who also owns the Empire House company, defended himself by assuring that everything was a lie and that Epa Colombia is a mythomaniac, “first of all, what can be expected from a mythomaniac like Epa Colombia who has no friends for a reason , since everyone distances herself from her because of all her lies and entanglements” and she continued to respond directly to the influencer, “That you are a bipolar person is not my fault for something many of those who claimed to be your friends do not even want to know about you or that Marcela Reyes, La Jesu or La Valdiri say it”.

Alejandro Urrea against Epa Colombia. Photo: Instagram @rechismes

Urrea also assured that Epa Colombia is a person who never keeps what he promises, who has deceived many people and even his friends, “Where are the jewels that you were going to give Lina Tejeiro on her birthday? Where were the 20 million gift to Valdiri’s marriage?”

The former friend of Epa Colombia known in networks as the Colombian Barbie did not remain silent and she decided to go out “I thought that Alejo and Epa Colombia were super friends, just as you thought that she and I were super friends, since Alejo is the person who manages her social networks, he is the person who helps her so that she doesn’t Knock down the accounts, don’t get them hacked,” he said sarcastically.

He also reaffirmed that on many other occasions he has said that the gifts he promises are lies, “Awards, gifts and I don’t know what are false, that the best and I don’t know what and everything was false, in expobelleza that the prize was won, everything was false , everything was bought.”

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