Former Falklands fighters came together to help a school

Members of the Association of Ex-Soldiers of Malvinas de Salta came together to fix the La Troja school. They are looking for help with repairs and donations to take to the boys.

The group will travel on May 25 to the school they decided to sponsor. “We were painting and many people collaborated, but we lack the interior, the ceiling, the carpentry and other things. We need the collaboration of good people,” he commented. TheTribune Jorge Dorado, one of the former soldiers.

The ex-combatants seek to bring food, shelter, shoes and supplies for the community of La Troja. The ex-soldiers are from the three forces. yesThey met this morning in the San Martín park to publicize the work they are doing for the school.
“We come together for this charitable work and with a patriotic sense, to enhance and leave in memory the great deed of Malvinas”, said Máximo Álvarez. He said they dream of bringing joy to people and sharing chocolate with the community in the area on May 25.
Some of the group know about carpentry, others about electricity and others about masonry. “One can stop being colimba but all our lives we are going to be soldiers with the spirit of the country and solidarity”, added German Albornoz.
Those interested in collaborating can contact Máximo Álvarez at 387-4035458.

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