For Guadalajarans, the Highway Police is the most corrupt

“The fine for not bringing a plate is seven thousand pesos,” a highway policeman told Ricardo González, with the intention of extorting him during an “operation” in Libertad and Chapultepec.

The driver clarified that he had a complaint about the theft of the sheet, but the road agent discredited the document and threatened to take the car to the corralón. Since he had no money for the “bite”, he recommended that he go to the ATM while guarding his car.

Ricardo needed his vehicle to work. He went to the bank and gave 500 pesos to the highway policeman, who gave him “a code” so that no one would bother him again.

While Inegi surveys reveal that the Highway Police and judges have historically competed for first place as the most corrupt authority, According to a survey by this publishing house with 2,392 Internet users, half pointed to the highway police as the most corrupt.

Recently, the Jalisco Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office linked two road agents, Gabriela “N” and Ariel “N”, for demand three thousand 500 pesos from a driver who was arrested in Enrique Díaz de León because she did not have proof of verification, when the fines will start until next January. Since he did not have cash, they told him to go pick it up at a convenience store, but he could not. That’s why the agents got upset with her and gave her an infraction, but she reported it.

Juan Carlos Lucano says that his truck broke down, he asked for a tow truck and arrived with the highway agent, who very kindly let him know the “fee” that he had to pay; otherwise the crane would not lift it. That is why he did him the favor of taking him to a bank branch to have cash.

The State Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office investigates 130 road policemen, after complaints from those affected.

With misleading signage, they “hunt” drivers in Niño Obrero

There is no yellow line, which confuses motorists. THE INFORMER/G. Rooster

The prohibition sign is hidden by foliage and in poor condition. THE INFORMER/G. Rooster

At the intersection of Niño Obrero and Juan Diego, in Zapopan, there is a blank space that is used by citizens to park. That’s where Lorenzo Vargas stayed in days gone by, because there was no yellow line that prohibited him. After an hour he came back and his car was gone. “They told me that the Road Police took it in a tow truck. At the point there is a vertical sign that prohibits parking, but it is covered by branches (in addition, it is unpainted)”. He paid 3,800 pesos for the crane, 400 for the corralón and 48 for the fine. “They do not have to pick up the vehicle and can leave the folio. I asked them to paint the line yellow, but they told me that it was not their problem, that it was a City Council thing”, he lamented.


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