Flor Vigna told the best that Luciano Castro does with her: “It’s like a…”

In the midst of the pandemic there were couples who separated and others who formed. In the case of Vine Flower (27) Y Luciano Castro (47) Both things happened: first they put an end to two long relationships and, once again single, their paths crossed and in October 2021 they started dating.

Less than a year after making the romance official, the actor and the brand new singer are living a passionate and intense love story which, true to the artist’s influencer profile, far from hiding it, shouts it from the rooftops, while they are shown on the networks enjoying the moments together.

“Lucho has something very nice about him. Careful, asking what I want and need. He taught me to love myself since I can also be pampered…”, were the words Vigna used to describe her boyfriend. Lucky in love, the ex of Nico Occhiato he is also at work, and after releasing his fourth song and before debuting on the screen of phone He referred to the excellent present that he is going through.

I am learning, it is a very big dream and I am rowing it. I am very happy and I get to learn to produce, build teams, with the band and compose”, commented Florencia, who expanded in dialogue with Implacable: “With Luchito everything is fine”.

“He is always there motivating me because there are days when I get there half detonated, tired and Luchito is a very good psychologist and motivator”expanded the actress who in each note she provides takes the opportunity to express her feelings towards her boyfriend and great companion.

“He is always motivating me because there are days when I am tired and Luchito is a psychologist and motivator,” said the Guión interpreter.

Finally, and leaving behind any type of rumors that could attribute a bad relationship with her ex-partner, Vigna advanced what the new version of the last passengerthe new program that he will host together with Occhiato on the balls channel.

“We are going to record and we were able to agree so that he can continue with the radio and I with the music. It’s a great opportunity.” Flor explained who in passing clarified: “the interview I gave and where I talked about Nico was taken out of context because sex sells”.

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