Flor Peña cornered Ramiro Ponce, her boyfriend, with a strong sexual question: “Did you like him when…?”

The new format late night show that takes place every night Flower Rock through the screen of America It goes through different moments that range from news, sketches and famous guests, always invaded by the acid humor that characterizes the actress.

And so it was that on the fourth airing that the host of La Pu*@ Ama received her partner in her living room, Ramiro Ponce de Leonwho subjected him to a kind of ping pong of questions and answers where he made him confess quite intimate and personal issues… and to which he did not escape.

Before starting the game, and taking advantage of the presence of her future husband in the studio, Peña announced the date of her wedding with the lawyer, which will be at the end of November in two stages: first in Salta and then in Buenos Aires, and will be in charge of the event organizer Claudia Villafane.

It was so, after the beautiful news, Flor began to interact with her partner. “Is it true that you are in a daddy chat?”, he asked. To which Ramiro affirmed: “Yes“. For her part, the driver expanded: “I want to say for the deconstruction of daddies and mommies that my daddy, who is him, who is in the chat and who he goes to look for at the exit. I was never in the mommies chat, so he is”.

But leaving behind those kinds of questions, the actress went on to a slightly more spicy questionnaire and looking at Ponce de León, she shot: “Did you watch They are 10? To which the salteño was precise and stated: “Yes, the chest“.”Did you look at my boobs? Flor retracted. And her boyfriend recognized: “Yes, I already liked you from there”.

“I liked you since Son de 10,” confessed Ramiro, who later referred to self-satisfaction: “There are many types. It can be intellectual, sports.”

Recalling that old episode that the couple starred in 2018, when the lawyer was unfaithful to Peña with another young model from the interior and from which the term Polyamory became popular, the driver asked Ramiro if it bothered him that they still ask him about it and assured that no.

Finally, Flor asked him: “Do you practice self-indulgence when you’re home alone?”. Tempted with laughter in the living room, Ponce de León knew how to get out of that situation very well and responded. “There are many types of self-satisfaction… it can be intellectual, sports…”.

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