Five more years in prison for the Lady in White Aymara Nieto Muñoz, according to the Cuban prosecutor’s office

The Cuban Aymara Nieto Muñoz, a political prisoner of the regime on the island, could face another five years in prison, according to a recent formal request by the prosecution against her.

According to statements to Radio Marti of her husband and partner in political activism, Ismael Boris Reñí, that prosecutorial request is “one more barbarity of the dictatorship that misgoverns the island,” although she is calm and sure that the communist regime is not going to make her resign. his principles in favor of freedom and human rights in Cuba, he added.

Nieto Muñoz, who belongs to the organization Ladies in White, the Cuban authorities point to her as the leader of a riot in the Guatao women’s prison in 2020, which is why she has been in a women’s prison in the Guatao since March of that year. eastern province of Las Tunas, more than 600 kilometers from Havana, where his family resides.

Boris Reñí pointed out that “the murderous Castro dictatorship unjustly accuses it of being the promoter of the 2020 riot in the Guatao prison.”

He also explained that his wife is accused of giving a “matchbox to light a candle to the prison mattresses, and of inciting the other prisoners to set fire.”

He also assured that at the time of the riot his wife was washing in the bathroom, and that “when the brokerage for the fire was armed, she was locked in the cell, with great danger to her life, and that it was the garrison itself who she was taken out of the cell by the screams of a prisoner who alerted that she was inside ”.

For almost two years, Nieto Muñoz “has not seen the girls or their family,” explained the also opponent, who has not seen his wife for more than nine months.

The imprisonment of the Cuban activist was made visible by the United States last September when it publicized her case in the campaign ‘Prisoners for what?’ of the government of that country.

On that occasion the campaign stated that “Aymara Nieto Muñoz, mother of two children, detained for just thinking of protesting! Instead of allowing peaceful dissent, the Government of Cuba silences its citizens in prison.”

This message was replicated on Twitter by the Undersecretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols.

Aymara Nieto Muñoz is also an activist for the Patriotic Union of Cuba and was arrested in May 2018 and was in prison, awaiting trial, until April 2019, when the Municipal Court of Boyeros, in Havana, sentenced her to four years of deprivation of liberty for the crimes of attack and damage.

Also on that occasion, they imposed a fine of seven Cuban pesos and fifty cents, for damaging the uniform of one of the soldiers who arrested her in May 2018, when she tried to participate in one of the Sunday outings starring the Ladies in White.

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