Fires still not under control in Morbihan

Several fires affected Morbihan this Saturday August 5, 2022 (photo illustration Les Nouvelles de Sablé).

This Saturday August 6, 2022, around fifteen municipalities in Morbihan have been affected by natural area fires whose spread was facilitated by the strong drought and the winds turns. No casualties, no one was injured and no house was attacked by the flames. On the other hand, approximately 75 hectares of vegetation were burned.

The firefighters du Morbihan were particularly mobilized this Saturday. The call processing center (18) had to manage almost 1,000 phone calls during this day.

Reinforcements expected tonight

430 firefighters were engaged and 120 intervention devices were deployed on the various sites, including 25 on the site alone from Erdeven. The operations are continuing with the support of reinforcements from the Ille-et-Vilaine departmental fire and rescue service (4 units and 18 firefighters) who have arrived in Erdeven.
Of the reinforcements Pays-de-la-Loire are expected tonight.


Among the fires now under control are Questembert (5 hectares burned / No evacuation) and Saint Philibert (5 hectares burned / No evacuation but some people preferred to leave their homes during the operations).
Several fires are still uncontrolled. Locoal-Mendon with open fire, 40 hectares burned, 2 houses evacuated10 secure houses, 4 protected and now non-threatened hamlets.
Erdeven with an unresolved fire, 25 hectares burned, 30 houses, 1 castle including gîtes and a campsite evacuated. This represents approximately 300 people supported by the town hall of Erdeven and that of Belz.
In these two municipalities, at this stage, no dwelling is threatened.
About forty gendarmes were also mobilized on all the operations of this day.

Help from farmers

It should be noted that on Locoal-Mendon, the farmers lent a hand to the firefighters. In general, the mayors on the front line have been able to benefit from a large solidarity.
The State services are mobilized in the face of this situation and recall the need to observe instructions aimed at limiting the outbreak of fires in this period of very severe risk of forest fires:
• Do not throw your butts or cigarettes in nature (especially through car windows)
• Do not light a fire, barbecue or any other fireplace within 200 meters of forest, brush or moorland
• Find out about the forest fire risk
If you witness a fire start:
• Inform the fire brigade (18 or 112) as soon and as precisely as possible.

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