Find homework on your ‘Shein’ order

In recent days, a large number of videos and photos have emerged on social networks where users claim to have found “help messages” on clothing labels and in this regard, Shein Mexico clarified that it is a misunderstanding.

It may interest you: “Help me”, are the messages that some Shein buyers are receiving in their orders

On this occasion, a user surprised Internet users by sharing that she found a printed task inside one of the product bags.

The video went viral and raised the doubts of thousands of users on TikTok.

“Chinese: Where is my homework?” wrote the user on the social network and her video quickly exceeded one million views.

A debate was generated in the comments because some claim that it is further proof that the company uses child labor, although there are also those who think that it is reused paper, indicates Milenio.

“That’s a signal for you to stop shopping there”, “It should have stayed there because the little boy studies while he works”, “ayy noooo, that’s because they exploit children”, “Teacher: where is your homework? Student : teacher won’t believe it”, “maybe it’s recycled paper, I also used recycled paper for mailings: p”, are some of the reactions.

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