Film / Criticism of "How much is life worth?": a fair agreement, but with multiple moral dilemmas

How much is life worth? | Official trailer | Netflix

Feinberg’s law firm was responsible for determining the amount of compensation that those who sued the State would receive., a value that would be established based on a mathematical calculation in which, for example, the life of a young man, without family and without seniority in his job, would be worth less than that of an executive.

The film begins a few days before the tragedy with a scene in which Keaton’s character asks his students at Law School the question of the film’s title. Given the dissimilar responses of the boys, the teacher explains that, regardless of the moral dilemmas, for the Law that amount is only a figure that must be determined by the Justice.

However, the pragmatism that this explanation reveals is questioned when he receives the government commission. and it deepens from the moment in which Feinberg begins to hear first-hand the experiences of family members who lost their loved ones in the attack.


“How much is life worth?” Originally complete the offer on the subject that is available on the platform, all based on real events. Also part of that offer is “The Twin Towers” (2006), with Nicholas Cage and direction by Oliver Stone, which collects the testimony of the firefighters and other people who survived the tragedy and “The Darkest Night” (2012), about the US military operation to kill Bin Laden in Pakistan, starring Jessica Chastain, directed by Kathryn Bigelow and winner of a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

The list is completed with “Flight 93” (2006), by Paul Greengrass, which recreates, based on the testimonies of those who were on the ground, what happened aboard the only one of the four planes that did not meet its objective, in addition to the “Turning point”, a five-episode docuseries that explores the origins of Al Qaeda to the United States’ response to terrorism at home and abroad.

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