FIFA changed the penalty kick regulations

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For this reason, at the 136th General Assembly of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which took place in Doha, Qatar, the highest body that governs the rules of football decided to make a change in the regulations.

FIFA and the new penalty kick regulations

so now goalkeepers must have both feet on the line at the time of an execution from the penalty spot, either in a penalty-only definition or in a foul sanctioned during the match.

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In an official statement, the IFAB indicated that The goalkeeper with one foot behind the goal line will not be penalized at the time of execution of penalties.

Until June 30th, archers could only keep one foot on the goal line and one foot forward, but now the goalkeeper cannot step forward.


Andrew Redmayre, controversial goalkeeper from Australia.

Now, the goalkeeper must “position both feet in direct contact with the goal line or directly above it until the maximum penalty is executed”.

“In other words, the goalkeeper may not stand in front of or behind the goal line“he clarified.

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