Fiction or reality? Mariano Martínez revealed where he had his first and passionate kiss with Lali Espósito

Although today I am single, Mariano Martinez has a love story with a hot chapter that nobody forgets: his relationship with Lali Espositowho was born in 2015 while recording my hopethe famous Polka novel.

Between taking and taking, Mariano Y Lali They grew in chemistry and complicity, and the sexual tension exploded when their characters shared their first kiss in fiction, an epic kiss in the open air that remained in the memory.

And while in show partners They reviewed in images the actor’s career and his time in the strip in which he played the priest and Esposito as a novice, the scene of that first romantic moment appeared on the screen.

“This was the first kiss of the novel, let’s say… It was an expected kiss“said Martinez, who has just reached the goal of becoming a taekwondo black belt. “Did they kiss in real life? It’s a nice fact”the panelists wanted to know.

Nervous about the claims of Paula Varela Y Mariana BreyConvinced that before that kiss something had happened, Mariano answered, hesitating: “No, no… We weren’t dating Lali there, nor had we kissed.”

To get him out of the situation, Rodrigo Lussich he wanted to know if it had hurt him that things got “gray and rough” with Lali, after their separation. “It is life itself. It’s been so long… I always opt for the best memories of things. On my side, everything is more than fine”he replied.

Coincidentally, a few weeks ago Lali Esposito dedicated a sharp hint to her ex during her visit to Cut by Lozanowhere he hinted that he no longer followed Mariano on networks. “There are people who need to be unfollowed. There are people about whom we don’t want to know anything about their daily lives”he indicated, without naming names.

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