Fico begins its national tour of 20 different cities – Presidency – 2022 Elections

“In Cúcuta we begin the final stretch of the campaign to build a country that is different, a country with more opportunities in which we lift people out of poverty and guarantee security and tranquility,” said the candidate.

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From each of these places, the former mayor of Medellín will talk about specific proposals that he wishes to execute if he becomes president. Likewise, he plans to hold large mass events in the public square in order to meet with thousands of his supporters.

From Cúcuta, for example, he announced that if he reaches the Casa de Nariño he will reopen the border to trade.

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And in Manizales, Armenia and Pereira, the plan for job creation in the first 100 days of government.

Added to this is the activation of more than 50,000 volunteers who begin house-to-house visits in the 32 departments to present Fico’s proposals.

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