Feminicides are linked to the process for the murder of a woman in the Torreón Viejo neighborhood

Charged with femicide are linked to the process, they are already inmates in the cells of the Cereso de Torreón.

The men are identified as Luis Armando NN, Vicente NN and Eduardo NN, who are facing legal proceedings for femicide who in life responded to the name of Beatriz de la Cruz, 34 years old who was found dead on a wall located on the Free Wind alley of the Torreón Viejo neighborhood.

It was at a hearing where the control judge found the necessary evidence to link the three men to the process, ordering an informal preventive pressure to be carried out in the cells of the Cereso de Torreón, in addition to granting the defense of the accused three months of investigation. complementary so it will be until next September that the legal process against him continues.

As reported, the discovery of the woman’s body was recorded on August 6, 2021 in a wall located on the Free Wind alley of the Torreón Viejo neighborhoodas far as agents from the various security corporations as well as experts from the State Attorney General’s Office arrived who found the victim wrapped in a sheet, appreciating multiple stab wounds to the chest with the naked eye, also finding in the necropsy of rigor that she had been suffocated.

After the discovery, the agent of the Public Ministry opened the corresponding investigation folder with which they managed to find the whereabouts of the three involved in the events that They were arrested on an arrest warrant. and subsequently brought to hearing.

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