Femicide of a child under 15 years of age is recorded in Torreón

A minor under 15 years of age was found dead in the Valle Oriente neighborhood of Torreón, the alleged perpetrator has already been arrested, it is another minor of the same age.

The deceased is identified as Ximena, 15 years old, who was located half-naked on the premises of the treatment plant located in the aforementioned neighborhood.

The discovery of the body was recorded on Sunday afternoon, so agents from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Coahuila went to the scene, who located the body of the minor lying face down and semi-naked, which showed signs of violence. The Forensic Services personnel located the weapon with which they possibly killed her next to her body.

The minor’s parents reported her disappearance to 911, indicating that they had not been able to locate her since early Sunday morning, when she left home for the home of one of her friends.

With the evidence collected at the scene of the femicide and the statements of the parents, the authorities managed to gather the necessary evidence that allowed them to establish the line of investigation with which they found the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator identified as Alejandro “N”, who was placed at the disposal of the investigative agent of the Public Ministry specialized in minors.

The investigation folder is open by the authorities and the body was transferred to the Semefo facilities for the practice of the rigorous autopsy with which the formal cause of death will be determined.

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