Federico Gutiérrez makes a stop to attend his children’s school in Medellín

The moves of the presidential candidates in Colombia are not only based on the attacks against the other competitors, the appearances in public events with full squares or meetings with heads of political parties, there is also space to ‘have a shampoo and appear like a family man.

Presidential candidate Federico Gutiérrez decided to take a break from his proselytizing agenda to go to his children’s school and ‘take them by surprise’ during a student event.

In the middle of a scene to burst, the presidential candidate and former mayor of Medellín He came to the educational institution where his children are trained, who could not hide the emotion of seeing their father attending the event.

Federico Gutierrez posted on his twitter account the meeting of parents from their children’s school and with his wife posed for photosthe 47-year-old candidate has insisted on showing himself as a family man to whom he dedicates time despite how long and exhausting the days of a presidential candidate can be.

Federico Gutiérrez poses with his family at an event at his children’s school. Photo: Twitter @FicoGutierrez

“Nothing more important than children and family”published in his account the politician from Antioquia, who before the suspension of the mayor of Medellín opted for a diplomatic response and without commitments to affirm that it is a decision of the justice that must be respected.

The presidential candidate is on a visit to eastern Colombia, specifically to the Santanderes area, from where he has stated that in his government, security will be one of the priorities, due to the terrorist attack perpetrated in Cauca in which a motorcycle to which a bomb was placed exploded.

Gutiérrez assured that if he is elected as the first president of the Colombians will visit the population of Caloto in his first week of governmentin the department of Cauca, scene of different acts of violence during the government of Ivan Duke Marquez.

The reactions to the meeting with Federico Gutiérrez at his children’s school have been diverse, because while some say that the candidate He has a lot of charisma and is a family mantheir opponents consider that they are nothing more than samples of a strategy set up for this purpose.

In recent weeks the candidate Gustavo Petro has also resorted to the strategy of showing himself as a family mannot only because two of his sons participate in events related to their father’s candidacy, but also because his wife also accompanies him on his escapades and he has even shown his most human side by participating in comparsas in the Barranquilla carnival and in the Leyenda Vallenata.

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