Federal budget: Ninth meeting with mayors and legislators to define works

To prioritize works for next year, The ninth meeting will be held in the town of San Lorenzo to agree on aspects related to the 2023 budget in the field of provincial public works.

Headed by Governor Gustavo Sáenz, officials from different ministries will work with mayors and legislators from the departments The Andes, Iruya, Rivadavia and Santa Victoria.

According to the president, currently there are around 1,600 works distributed with federal criteria throughout the province “so that the people of Salta grow with equal opportunities”.

The mayors of San Antonio de los Cobres, Tolar Grande, Iruya, Isla de Caña, Juan Coronel Solá, Santa Victoria Este, Rivadavia, Nazareno, Los Toldos, Santa Victoria Oeste are expected to participate. Plus departmental deputies and senators.

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