A Racing fan stole his eyes after entering the skull of his deceased grandfather in the La Liga Cup semifinal match against Boca Juniors.

Before the match between Boca Juniors and Racingvalid for the semifinals of the Argentine League Cupa fan of the ‘Academy’ captured all eyes.

And it is that the fanatic entered the stadium “La Fortaleza” of Lanús with the skull of his grandfatherwho was also a fan of the cast of Avellaneda, wearing it proudly in the stands.

“It’s my grandfather Valentin Aguilera. Fan to full, to death of Racing”, commented the excited grandson with the shirt of the ‘Academy’ to ESPN.

“Racing is my love and my grandfather was too. He would have wanted to be here,” added the fan.

Asked about how the skull entered the interior of the stadium, Aguilera grandson indicated that “I spent it with faith, with love for Racing. I take it everywhere.”

Meet the fan who entered the stadium with a skull in Argentina: