Family reunification: 4000 Afghans without a German visa despite entitlement

Wowing to the slow processing of asylum applications, more than 4,000 Afghans have to live under the rule of the Taliban, although they have a fundamental right to family reunification in Germany. These numbers result from a response from the Foreign Office to a question from Left MP Ulla Jelpke, which is available to the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. According to this, Germany only issued 624 visas to Afghan nationals in the first half of the year.

According to the newspaper, however, there were recently 4,173 people on the waiting lists to apply for family reunification. If you put the two figures in context, then, in purely mathematical terms, there would be a waiting time of up to three and a half years until the last visa would be issued to those currently waiting.

Long waiting times “unacceptable”

Left-wing interior expert Jelpke told the newspaper: “The waiting times for family reunification of Afghan relatives are unacceptable and unbearable for those affected. The relatives usually have a right to enter Germany. ”The right to family reunification means that a refugee who has received protection in Germany can bring close relatives such as spouses or underage children to live with him so that the family is united.

The left demands of the federal government to do everything now so that those affected can enter the country quickly. Jelpke told the newspaper: “All visa offices in the region must accept visa applications from Afghan relatives without delay and make short-term and benevolent decisions.” As far as possible, this should also be done electronically.

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