Faced with shortages in the US, they cross into Mexico to get formula milk

After the shortage of formula milk in some cities in the United States, on the border of Ciudad Juárez-El Paso and Reynosa-McAllen, Texas, the increase in people who cross to buy this food is already beginning to be noticed.

In tours of pharmacies near international crossings, workers confirmed that for approximately two weeks they have noticed an increase in sales of infant formulas.

Jorge, a worker at a pharmacy located a few blocks from the Paso del Norte International Bridge, commented that four to five bottles of baby formula are commonly sold in that establishment; however, for two to three weeks in days they have sold up to 10 bottles of various brands.

“Yes, there has been an increase in the sale of formulas, but since our inventory also depends on the milks that move the most, many of those recommended in the US are not sold here by us, so only those recommended there move,” he explains. Jorge.

Similac, Enfagrow and Enfamil are some of the formulas that are currently sold in these pharmacies located in the area near the international crossings in Ciudad Juárez and that are purchased by Americans and residents.

“They sell between four and five a day, and when the sale increases to 10 or 11, they even take the small cans. We have two or three weeks that the sale of milk is increasing in all the branches here [Puente] and every week we have to channel them where there is [leches]”, he adds.

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