Ezra Miller Accused of Exposing 3 Children to Guns and Large Amounts of Cannabis Smoke

The American actor faces a new conflict after a string of public scandals. The boys’ father shared his concern: “I’m going through hell and back.”

A new complaint against him faces the actor Ezra Miller. According to a magazine report rolling stonethe American is housing a 25-year-old mother and her three young children, ages one to five, at a residence that doubles as an unlicensed cannabis farm.

According to the publication, which cites testimonies from neighbors, there are also firearms and permanent drug use. The family would have arrived at the property in April, after the mother met the artist in Hawaii.

Asked by Rolling Stone, the woman claimed that Miller helped her escape an abusive relationship, referring to her home as a “healing haven” for his family.

Anonymous sources cited in the report point out that children are exposed to large amounts of marijuana smoke in poorly ventilated environments, and eight guns of various sizes circulate in the living room of the house.

Another complainant, in turn, reports a macabre scene: she claims to have seen a one-year-old boy put a loose bullet in his mouth that he found on the floor.

The father of the brothers shared his concern about it: “I’m going through hell and back… I have a bad feeling in my stomach… I want to go look for my children, they mean everything to me,” he said.

The mother, for her part, confirmed the existence of firearms in the house. “(Ezra) may have firearms to defend himself, which are stored in a part of the house that children never enter”assured.

“My children have been able to focus more on their healing thanks to Ezra’s safety and love,” she added.

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