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“The operations were concentrated in BogotaCali, Medellin and 18 departments, achieving the capture of 129 people and the dismantling of 22 criminal structures,” said Colonel Thiriat.

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The director of the Gaula, pointed out that in Bogotá, Melgar (Tolima) and Medellín, three alleged members of the criminal group ‘La Esperanza’ were captured, three other people were charged with extortion and conspiracy to commit a crime, they had been generating extortions through prison modalities ‘Uncle, Aunt’ and impersonation of authority.

“Alias ​​Lunes, head of this structure, confined in the La Esperanza penitentiary, in the company of two other inmates, dedicated themselves to contacting the victims, identifying themselves as a supposed nephew, stating that they had been captured after running over a woman in a state of pregnancy, and that to avoid being prosecuted by the authorities he had to pay between 500 thousand and 2 million pesos”, explained Colonel Thiriat Tovar.

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Extortion mode ‘Aunt they captured me’

In the audio, you can hear how they try to deceive a woman and then how the criminals make fun of her.

Prison extortion modality

Alias ​​Audio Monday

In this audio, the criminal is heard trying to deceive a man he calls uncle. The person in his innocence mentions one of his nephews.

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Alias ​​’La Paisa’ advises ‘Monday’

The woman tells him how to improve the speech in each call so that the victims fall easier.

It forced merchants and residents of the La Bendición de Dios sector to pay between 10,000 and 20,000 pesos a week for alleged private security.

“In order to cover up their criminal activities, this criminal group forced merchants and residents of the La Bendición de Dios sector to pay between 10,000 and 20,000 pesos a week for alleged private securityand allow them to reside in the place without being the object of attacks against them,” said the director of the Police Gaula.

Los Morales, extortionists in Cartagena

‘Los Morales’ are singled out for the displacement of 16 families in Cartagena.


Gaula National Police

At least 16 families were forced to leave their homes so as not to be the target of attacks.

The others captured respond to the aliases Yeco, ‘El Soldadito’, ‘Vivi’, ‘La Mona’ and ‘Albania’, who were in charge of collecting extortions, committing thefts and making threats against the residents of the sector.

These people were placed at the disposal of the Attorney General for the crimes of extortion, aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, theft and forced displacement.

Colonel Thiriat reiterated his call to the community to file a “safe” complaint about any criminal act related to kidnapping or extortion. through the national free line 165″.

-The grip between the judge and Jhonier Leal’s lawyer in a preparatory hearing

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