Expectation in Carlos Paz: they estimate a full "almost full" during the weekend XXL

In the run-up to the start of the extra-long weekend, bookings are already at 70% of total capacity. Carlos Paz It remains one of the preferred destinations for a large part of Argentines, although the Villa is also visited by foreigners.

German Livellicoordinator of Promotion and Events of the city of Carlos Paz, told channel 10 that surely, if the weather is good, the municipality and the hotel and gastronomic sector will have a great performance. Livelli said the city is expected to be “nearly full” on Sunday.

Preview of the long weekend in Villa Carlos Paz

The pearl of Punilla awaits tourists. The municipality and the private sector hope that this extra-long weekend will be the best of the year.

Livelli: “We are already at 70 percent reservations. The greatest demand is for three and four star hotels.” As of Saturday, they estimate the occupancy rate to be above 90 percent.

Tourism in the Villa is not limited to locals, foreign tourists also pass through Carlos Paz. “Your country is incredible,” a Brazilian tourist told the Channel 10 reporter.

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