Ex "CQC" he got into the internal fort between Mario Pergolini and Eduardo de la Puente

The drivers Mario Pergolini and Eduardo de la Puente they were partners in the successful CQC programbut they finished their friendly relationship in very bad terms. Eduardo himself was the one who brought to light the strong fight with Mario and remarked that everything was wrong between them. While, a former member of the show gave his opinion on the controversy that involves him.

It’s about the sports journalist Nacho Goanowho spoke without mincing words about the dispute between the colleagues who led the reality show that shone on Telefé with Juan Di Natale. Promptly, responded to the criticism he received for “defending” Mario Pergolini.

I found out about this last week; a friend called me and told me that they had talked about me”, began his download Nacho Goano. She then detailed everything she heard and answered the questions.

In this way, the journalist points out the episodes of the past: “When Eduardo refers to me on the podcast, he says: ‘Nacho Goano was a guy who would rip your head off if you spoke badly about Pergolini‘”.

Nacho Goano.

The link with Mario Pergolini and the fight with De la Puente

However, in addition to confessing his fidelity to the former manager of Boca, Goano also got into the fight that divided the drivers. “I admit that I was a soldier of Pergolini, yes of course. Without a doubt. I also understand that Eduardo’s relationship with Mario was always very different from the one I had with Mario…”, he added with the intention of adding controversy.

They were pairs, they lived together and there were other issues for which Eduardo understands that Mario has to answer him and I never had that question of them having to answer me for whatever issue“, described Nacho Goano about the bond of the former CQC.

On the other hand, he tried to clarify what his relationship with the owner of Vorterix was like: “I did not have a peer experience with Mario and then I suppose that he owed me something”. “Nor did I consider myself a friend of Pergolini because I was always very clear that he had a relationship between a Shaolin master and a little grasshopper.“, compared Nacho.

Furthermore, Goano reiterated that he never expected “anything else” by Mario Pergolini. There he differed from Eduardo de la Puente, considering that he did expect some gesture from his former CQC partner. Finally, the now driver who was a notero described how much it cost him to have left one of the most successful programs on Argentine television.

I gave up a place that was my place in the world and when I recovered from that, there I said: ‘I would have liked Mario to clothe me a little more‘” said Nacho Goano. However, he also clarified his view of what Pergolini did with him: “It’s not that he didn’t tuck me in; I would have liked him to wrap me up more.” “But he held me back, grabbed me, calmed me down and we looked for a way out together.“, hill.

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