“Everyone here knew that the mine had a fault,” says the father of a miner trapped in Sabinas

“Everyone here knew that the mine, the coal wells, had a fault, because they were bordering the fracture to extract the ore. The owners and the manager knew it, that’s why they paid the miners a little more,” he assured. Rolando Mireles, former miner and father of José Luis, one of the 10 workers trapped in the well.

With the rescue against the clock and three days after the flooding of the mine in the Las Agujitas community, the relatives of the 10 miners suffer from uncertainty and sadnessafter the Coahuila prosecutor’s office asked them for the physical characteristics of the miners and a team of divers was getting ready to enter the three flooded wells.

“My son had only been working in this mine for two days as a gunfighter, that is, someone who breaks the coal with a pneumatic gun. I learned that he moved from another mine to here because they offered him a little more salary, but it is because the owners, Managers and even the miners knew that it was damaged, fractured and there was a lot of risk, but the need of the workers is great,” said Don Rolando.

The father of miner José Luis recalled that 20 years ago he survived an accident in a coal pit which left him with permanent health consequences.

“The owners do not stop here, much less when there are accidents. Cristian, the one who testified in the prosecution, is just a front man; they say there are several owners and that they are powerful people,” he said.

Don Rolando’s grandson, Jesús Ronaldo, son of the trapped miner, endorsed his grandfather’s version, as he commented that the mine or wells were already flooded, “since the miners had to dig a hole down in what they were working on so that the water would fall there, it gave them more chance to walk“, he explained.


The rescue work intensified and a team of divers was preparing to enter the three wells where they are. at least 10 miners trapped since noon last Wednesdaywhile the state prosecutor’s office began to ask family members for particular details of the workers, but without clarifying if there is progress in the rescue.

Three days after the accident in the Las Agujitas community, the work to remove debris is advancing; It also began the shielding of the so-called ground zero, to prevent the media from recording images of the eventual rescue.

A crew of workers built, in about six hours, a fence of wood, barbed wire and black plastic two meters high around the area where the extraction of water from the wells takes place, and where a team of Divers get ready to dive to more than 60 meters deep.

Claudia Romo, ex-wife of José Luis Mireles, one of the 10 trapped miners, He anticipated that it is a bad sign that the divers are ready and immediately cover the visibility of the rescue work in the area..

“I think it’s a bad sign. They may already know where and how they are, but they don’t tell the relatives. Everything is against the clock. Every minute that passes without rescuing them, uncertainty and pain grow.”

After visibility was obscured, several families, including Claudia and her three children, broke up the camp they had set up since Wednesday afternoon, while Agents from the Coahuila prosecutor’s office began to harass journalists so that they would not go near ground zero.

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