Eurovision: here are the big favorites

Even before the first Eurovision semi-final took place, theUkraine was already announced as the great favorite of this edition. Because all eyes are on the country on which Russia has declared war and the good votes of their neighboring countries would be seen as a form of solidarity, but also because the lyrics of “Stefania”, a title with which Kalush Orchestra will come to defend the yellow and blue colors, echo the current situation (“I will always find my way home, even if the roads are destroyed”). And this although the song was originally written in tribute to the mother of the leader of the group Oleh Psiuk.

According to the OGAE (General Organization of Eurovision Fans), the Sweden is also on track to win the competition. With her sober but sensitive performance on “Hold Me Closer”, Cornelia Jakobs could offer Sweden a seventh victory and allow them to become one of the two most successful countries in the competition with Ireland.

Long away from the list of favorites, the UK caused a sensation at Eurovision this year. Its representative, the famous Tik-Tokeur Sam Ryder has a gift for attracting the crowd, especially on YouTube where the clip for his song “Space Man” has gathered more than three million views. Will the singer be able to break his country’s curse at Eurovision?

For her part, Chanel, the representative ofSpain, promises to make the show with his catchy “SloMo”. The performance with the meticulously studied choreography and the bows of the young singer have already attracted more than 5 million curious people on YouTube and remain one of the highlights of the second semi-final of the competition.

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