Eugenia Tobal faced the rumors of pregnancy with a forceful phrase: “I just…”

Eugenia Tobal is one of the great actresses of Argentine television. However, despite being a strong figure in the media, she always tried to keep as low a profile as possible, even when she was the protagonist of a scandal involving her ex-husband, Nicolás Cabré, and the China Suarez.

Since then, and after what meant one of the hardest blows of her life when she lost a pregnancy, the actress stayed as far away as possible from the show programs and the gossip world.

But all that was in the past and today Eugenia Tobal lives a great present, both personally and professionally. She managed to form a beautiful family with Francisco Garcia Ibar and her little daughter Ema and has just released her book, That New Skin.

Exploring her new facet as a writer, and in order to promote her manuscript that talks about “motherhood, grief and its surroundings”, He is visiting some television programs, such as Cortá por Lozano.

While preparing to visit Telefe’s apartment, Eugenia Tobal shared a postcard with her followers accompanied by the text “Some of today doing the sexy to visit Vero Lozano.” What was unexpected is that the post was quickly filled with several comments asking the same question.

“I see a baby on the way”, “are you pregnant?”, “Baby?”, “I also ask the same thing, are you pregnant?” Y “I thought you were pregnant because you touched your belly”, These are some of the messages that can be seen in the actress’s Instagram post.

As the question was repeated so many times, Tobal decided to respond to a follower who said: “Are you pregnant? You have that glow.” The actress replied with humor: “Hahahaha no! I gave birth to a book, that must be it!” With that answer, he made it clear that it is not currently in his plans to bring a new baby to the family.

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