Esteban Villegas proposes to build Maternal and Child Tower

Esteban Villegas delved into his proposals for the health sector, highlighting the construction of the Maternal and Child Tower next to Hospital 450. The candidate of the “Va por Durango” alliance expressed the importance of concentrating the majority of specialists in the same place and affirmed that, from the government, “we are going to expand the Cancer Center, because we cannot leave our people in the worst of abandonment”.

Villegas Villarreal encouraged health sector professionals to participate in defining the policies that are implemented by the state government. “You are the experts, those who live it every day, who suffers if there is material or there is no material,” said the candidate, which is why your involvement in the planning of the strategic lines of the next Ministry of Education is especially relevant. Health.

Esteban recognized the performance of professionals, especially during the pandemic, working many times without the most basic protective equipment and measures and admitting that “if it had not been for you, this would have been much more complicated.” During his six-year term, Villegas He promised that “everyone will have job certainty in terms of health”keeping safe their labor and well-paid rights.

From his experience and medical training, having also held the title of the Ministry of Health, Esteban Villegas is aware of the needs of the sector. His proposal in the health field is comprehensive and aims to provide a solution to the shortage of medicines and the absence of medical care in the most peripheral areas of the state, which has occurred since the launch of Insabi.

With the return of the health caravans to the most remote areas and the construction of a comprehensive hospital with specialized personnel in Santiago Papasquiaro, Medical care can be extended to thousands of people in the state that they currently do not have access.

Esteban Villegas’s health policy will be aimed at improving health coverage in all corners of Durango. It will therefore be about “stabilizing the patient, who is serious but stable”, in reference to the state of the health system in the entity, he concluded.

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