Esteban Pavez shows physical problems after contracting covid-19 with La Roja in Asia: “I spent 10 days without training”

In the run-up to the trip that Colo Colo undertook to Temuco to play this Thursday for Copa ChileEsteban Pavez spoke with ADN Deportes regarding his return to sports activity after a traumatic experience with the Chilean team.

All considering that The midfielder was unable to play for a single minute on the tour of Asia after contracting covid-19. “I feel much better, I hope to feel 100% when the days go by. I was in bed for 3 days due to covid-19, but I already feel better“, explained the 32-year-old player, who regretted what he experienced with La Roja.

“I went with a lot of enthusiasm, going to the national team is a pride for me. It’s a shame what happened to me, but I hope to recover”, explained Esteban Pavez andat the Santiago airport.

Esteban Pavez and his presence in Colo Colo

midfielder returned to the summons for the match against Temuco at the Germán Becker, considering that he was not in the first leg. For the same reason, the option that he can be a starter in the white box is not contemplated.

I feel good, but not 100%. It hit me very hard, I was 10 days without training. I hope to get to Tuesday in the best shape (vs Inter de Porto Alegre). Physique has always been my forte, but I know I have to be 100% to show what I did last semester”, he acknowledged, focusing on the Copa Sudamericana key.

“I feel better day by day, I’ve been training for a week now. I realize the consequence of covid-19 in practices, ”acknowledged the 32-year-old midfielder, who hopes to play again. His last duel was on May 31 in a tie with Ñublense.

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