Esteban Lamothe’s sincericide when talking about his performance as an actor: “I feel pretty and…”

Miguel Granados is in front of Play rooma fun proposal by Star + that offers news and a lot of humor, with the presence of special guests from both the world of music and sports. And it was in that context that Stephen Lamothe He joined in to participate… and talk about everything.

After the success of The 1-5/18in the middle of the tour with nudesafter the premiere of a film in which he was the protagonist and after debuting as an interviewer in boxing school, The actor referred to the criticism he receives and told how he deals with it.

Starting by expressing how he feels about the image that the mirror gives him back, Lamothe confessed to the interviewer how he went through a stage in which he was targeted for an interpretation he made in a novel by Telephant and launched: “I feel cute”.

“But one day I said to myself, uh, stop, because a scene had just come out in which people were saying that my performance had been terrible, that it was a disaster. So I went and watched the entire show. I said, that’s where I lost objectivity and I’m going to ask some friends “, followed.

Laughing at himself and taking the anecdote with humor, Esteban concluded: “And they told me it was a garcha! Na, she acted no worse than the rest of the cast. She was on the same level as everyone”. Interacting with the interviewee, Granados stated: “If you’re a partner of his, know that if he’s in the shit he’s going to take the lifeline out of you.”

“I perceive myself as cute. They said that my performance was terrible and I went to see the program. It was not worse than that of the rest of the cast,” the actor acknowledged.

To which in his defense Lamothe developed: “Stop, bar, I think it was fine. For the average of the performance in Argentina, that scene they laughed at was not so serious. There was one thing that at one point they laughed at an eyebrow. Besides, he is doing soap operas, it was a scene in Bells at night where I get angry with Calu Rivero because he cheated on me.”

While the production put on a split screen the fragment of the novel in which that moment so criticized and even went viral occurs, Lamothe concluded: “My eyebrow shoots out but I did it on purpose. It was like I did it wrong”.

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