Espacio Riesco denies responsibility for the shooting at an urban party that ended with four injured

Riesco Space issued a statement denying his responsibility according to the shooting happened inside the vip section of the enclosure during a party that was being celebrated in the place and that ended with four people injured in the commune of Huechuraba Last monday.

The event center stated that “strongly condemns this incident, having already asked the producer in charge of the ‘Nikkita’ party, as well as the Carabineros de Chile, for all the information on what happenedin order to clarify and investigate in depth the already known incidents”, pointing out that they would only be the facilitators of the enclosureand that the activities that take place inside would be sole responsibility of the producer in charge of the event.

“Each of these production companies Espacio Riesco requires that they have all the permits and authorizations required by the different authorities, as well as other additional requirements that ensure the correct functioning of the activity for visitors and operational personnel.“, they mention in the statement.

For its part, the producer in charge of the party, Nikkita Productionsassured that they did have the necessary security measures to cover the event with a Reinforced team of guards, metal detectors at all entrances, 3 security rings and two ambulanceswhich allowed the injured to be transferred to different care centers after the incident.

“Along with making all the information available to the police and the Prosecutor’s Office, we will file a complaint with the Local Police Court (Huechuraba) for what happened and we are studying the filing of a complaint against those who are responsible for this unfortunate event”they pointed out from the producer.

We demand that our authorities take concrete actionsit is not possible that the entertainment and event guilds, after waiting so long to return to work due to the pandemic, now have to face a new enemy, such as insecurity at this level”, they pointed out from the National Association of Corporate Events and Business Tourism Companies of Chile.

We call on the Minister of the Interior and Public Security, Izkia Siches, to comment on this serious situation. We need to know what guarantees the Government will give us to be able to work calmly and safely”ended from the guild.

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