Ernesto Suárez presents his most personal solo show at the Independencia Theater

“Lágrimas y laughas” was the first one-man show by Ernesto El Flaco Suárez and can be enjoyed again this Saturday, June 18, at 9:30 p.m., at the Independencia theater. There will be in the story own texts and fragments of stories by Calderón de la Barca, Juan Draghi Lucero, Darío Fo, Juan Rulfo and Gabriel García Márquez.

Suárez will go to his childhood, his first steps on boards, his travels, the years of exile: life and work intersect in these stories; and to share them, El Flaco only uses gestures and the magic of stage narration.


Ernesto Suárez, El Flaco, is one of the most outstanding actors and theater directors in Argentina.

With the humor and simplicity with which he always addresses deep issues, El Flaco takes us on a journey from tears to laughter and to look at each other without sadness. He will have a critical and ironic look, but impregnated with a reflective humor from the social, as only Ernesto Suarez knows how to do. From its premiere until now, “Lágrimas y risas” has toured different cities in Argentina and Latin America and was presented at a long list of festivals.

Ernesto Suárez, teacher of actors

Ernesto Suárez, “El Flaco”, is one of the most outstanding actors and theater directors in Argentina. He was born in Mendoza and from there he built a figure admired and recognized throughout Latin America, for his talent and his enormous capacity for work. He was a teacher, director of the Mendoza Theater School of the UNCuyo and creator of successful casts, among which El Juglar, from Ecuador, and the El Taller theater, from Mendoza, stand out. More than forty plays count him as an actor, author and director.

During the years of dictatorship he suffered exile in Peru and Ecuador, where he learned the rigors of an unchosen destiny and thanked the kindness of many people who received his teachings and his acting work.

Ernesto Suárez is a man of the theater and with a sensitive gaze towards social injustices, with an extensive stage career, which highlights not only his talent as an actor and director, but also his political and ideological coherence.

Data sheet

“Tears and laughter”

Venue: Independence Theater

Day: Saturday June 18

Time: 21.30

General admission: $600 on sale at and at the theater box office, from 6 to 9 p.m.

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