Ephemeris of May 14: What happened on a day like today?

UNITED STATES.- We tell you the ephemeris of May 14the most important events that occurred on a date like today between 1541 Y 2018.


1541.- The bishopric of Lima is created by a Bull of Paul II.


1610.- Assassination in Paris of King Henry IV of France.

1643.- Proclamation of Louis XIV as King of France.


1796.- The English doctor Edward Jenner performs the first trial of the smallpox or smallpox vaccine.


1811.- Governor Bernardo de Velasco is deposed and the independence of Paraguay is proclaimed.

1814.- The Argentine squad, commanded by Guillermo Brown, defeats the Spanish, which defended Montevideo, in the Buceo naval combat.

1886.- The Cervera-Quiroga expedition arrives in Río de Oro (Africa), taking possession of the territory on behalf of Spain.

1897.- The Italian physicist and inventor Marconi makes the first radio transmission in history.

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1900.- The World Amateur Championships begin in Paris, with which the Olympic Games resume.

1948.- David Ben Gurion proclaims the State of Israel in Tel Aviv at the end of the British mandate in Palestine.

1955.- As a reply to NATO, eight Eastern European countries (the USSR, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the German Democratic Republic) sign the Warsaw Pact.

1962.- Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, then Prince of Spain, married Princess Sofia of Greece in Athens.

1977.- Don Juan de Borbón renounces his rights to the Crown of Spain and ownership of the Royal House.

1989.- Presidential elections in Argentina: Carlos Menem, candidate of the Justicialist Front of Popular Unity, obtains an absolute majority.


2000.- The Israeli prison services release Sheikh Salah Shehada, historical leader of Hamas.

2003.- Carlos Menem confirms his withdrawal from the second round of the Argentine presidential elections, so Néstor Kirchner becomes the winner of the elections.

2009.- The leader of the Burmese opposition and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, is imprisoned.

2011.- The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is arrested in New York accused of sexual assault against a hotel maid, a charge from which he was later exonerated.

2013.- The Council of Justice (CNJ) of Brazil approves marriage between people of the same sex.

2017.- Emmanuel Macron is proclaimed president of France.

2018.- The former president Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) is prosecuted – adding five the number of prosecutions – for alleged money laundering and illicit association.

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  • 1893.- Louis Verneuil, French playwright.
  • 1922.- Franjo Tudjman, former president of Croatia.
  • 1944.- George Lucas, American film director and producer.
  • 1950.- Adolfo Domínguez, Spanish fashion designer and entrepreneur.
  • 1952.- David Byrne, Scottish singer, leader of the group Talking Heads.
  • 1962.- Ferrán Adriá, Spanish chef.
  • 1969.- Cate Blanchet, Australian actress.
  • 1971.- Sofia Coppola, American film director.
  • 1984.- Mark Zuckerberg, programmer, businessman and founder of Facebook.


  • 1643.- Louis XIII, King of France.
  • 1912.- Frederick VIII, King of Denmark.
  • 1912.- August Strindberg, Swedish playwright.
  • 1986.- David Hearst, press tycoon in the United States.
  • 1987.- Rita Hayworth, American actress.
  • 1998.- Frank Sinatra, American singer and actor.
  • 2015.- BBKing, American musician. 2018.- Tom Wolfe, American writer and journalist.

catholic saints

  • Saint Matthias Apostle
  • Saint Abrunculus of Langres
  • Saint Carthage of Lismore
  • Saint Enedina of Sardinia
  • Saint Eremberto de Toulouse
  • Saint Gall of Clermont
  • Saint Isidore of Chio
  • Holy Just of Sardinia
  • Santa Maria Mazzarello
  • Saint Maximus of Asia
  • Saint Michael Garicoits
  • Saint Pontius of Cimiez
  • Blessed Gil of Vaozéla
  • Blessed Theodore Guérin
  • Blessed Tuton of Regensburg


  • Chili: Chilean Engineering Day, Engineer’s Day, Manicurist’s Day.
  • Continental Insurance Day.
  • Paraguay: Independence Day.
  • Israel: Independence Day.
  • USA: Biscuit Day.

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