Ephemeris of August 6: What happened on a day like today?

UNITED STATES.- We tell you the ephemeris of August 6the most important events that occurred on a date like today between 1623 Y 2013.


1825: The liberator Simón Bolívar declares the independence of Bolivia, considered as a commemorative date of Bolivia.
1875: On the steps of the Presidential Palace (Palacio de Carondelet), in the city of Quito (Ecuador), the re-elected president Gabriel García Moreno is assassinated.
1890: In Auburn (New York) the first execution in the electric chair in history is carried out.

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1926: In the United Kingdom, Gertrude Ederle becomes the first woman to swim across the English Channel.
1932: In Venice (Italy) the first cinema exhibition is inaugurated.
[1945: In Hiroshima (Japan), the United States carries out the first atomic bombing in history, becoming the only country in the world in human history that has used atomic power on a civilian population. Days later he will carry out the second and last atomic bombing, on Nagasaki.
1949: In Chile, the cartoonist Pepo creates the series of comic strips Condorito.
1991: At CERN, Tim Berners-Lee brings the first web server online.


2011: Riots begin in London after the death of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of four, black, who was shot dead by the London Metropolitan Police.
2012NASA’s Curiosity rover lands on Mars. Among others, it carries the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) instrument, the first Spanish-made instrument to reach this planet.
2013: In a building in the center of the city of Rosario (Argentina), a gas leak causes an explosion that demolishes the building and leaves 21 dead and 62 injured.

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  • 1697 – Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • 1881 – Alexander Fleming, British biologist, discoverer of penicillin.
  • 1928 – Andy Warhol, American artist and filmmaker.
  • 1981 – José Ron, Mexican actor
  • 1990 – JonBenét Ramsey, American beauty queen


  • 1623 – Anne Hathaway, English woman, wife of William Shakespeare.
  • 1660 – Diego Velázquez, Spanish painter.
  • 1986: Emilio Fernández, Mexican actor and filmmaker.
  • 1994 – Domenico Modugno, Italian singer-songwriter

catholic saints

  • Saint Hormisda
  • Saint Claudia matron
  • Saint Just
  • Blessed Carlos López Vidal
  • Blessed Scelin
  • Blessed Maria Francisca de Jesus Rubatto
  • Blessed Octavian of Savona
  • Blessed Thaddeus Dulny


  • Argentina: Agricultural Teaching Day.
  • bolivia: Independence Day.
  • Jamaica: Independence Day.
  • Japan: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony.
  • Peru: Nutritionist’s Day.
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